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Hi Pathways members,

Also a big hello to any Joy Place members who have joined us while we are in this difficult time. We are looking forward to seeing you at the next joy place.

We are looking at stories from when Jesus lived on the Earth. Last time we looked at Jesus healing a blind man. This week we are looking at Jesus healing a man who couldn’t walk.

This story shows us another one of Jesus’ many miracles. It must have been annoying not to been able to walk. There were no wheelchairs in through days. The man would have relied on his friends to meet his most basic need. They even had to carry him to Jesus and lower him through the roof. What good friends they must have been. However they all believed that Jesus could heal him and because of their faith, the man was healed and walked out of the house. By doing this miracle shows us how powerful Jesus is and that he is God. Also we see how important it is to have faith and believe in Jesus.




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Colouring in sheet

Colouring in sheet

Please remember to keep praying, God loves hearing from you

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