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Hi Pathways members,

Also a big hello to any Joy Place members who have joined us while we are in this difficult time. We are looking forward to seeing you at the next joy place.

We are looking at stories from when Jesus lived on the Earth. We are going to move to looking at some parables of Jesus which are stories that Jesus told to help us understand more about God’s love. This week we are looking at the parable of the Lost Coin.

The Parable of the Lost Coin

As we have seen, parables are stories told by Jesus to teach us something. Last week we were looking at the Lost Sheep showing us how much God loves and cares for us and he will find us when we forget about him. This parable Jesus is also showing us how much God loves us. Like the lady who lost the coin, God will search everywhere for us when we are lost and forget about him and bring us home helping us to remember him. God celebrates everytime we turn back to him, how wonderful is that.





Find the lost coin

Colouring in sheet

Colouring in sheet

Please remember to keep praying, God loves hearing from you

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