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Also a big hello to any Joy Place members who have joined us while we are in this difficult time. We are looking forward to seeing you at the next joy place.

So I thought we would look at some more events that took place in Jesus’ life until Easter. This week we are going to look at John the Baptist and Jesus’ baptism. John was born around the same time as Jesus and was sent by God to prepare people for Jesus. John did this by telling people that they should be baptised to show they were sorry for their sins and lead a more godly life. He said that someone greater than him was coming and he would baptised them with the Holy Sprit. John baptised Jesus but not because He needed to say sorry for his sins (Jesus’ didn’t sin) but to fulfil God’s commandments and to set an example for us. People get baptised today to show their commitment to God and to show they want to lead a new life.

Baptism means going under water. When someone is baptised they are ducked backward into a pool of water. This symbolises that person being washed of their sins. It is important to remember that it’s not the water that wash away our sins but Jesus’ death.





Quiz – Mark 1.1-8 may help you

Dot to dot

Hidden objects

Dove craft

Colouring in sheet

Colouring in sheet

Please remember to keep praying, God loves hearing from you

Make a prayer basket – draw or write some things you want to pray about on pieces of paper and put them in the basket. Every time you prayer look at them so you remember what to pray about. You can colour the basket in if you want to.