At Welcome we believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is relevant to every nation and every culture in the world. Our mandate is the command of Jesus himself who said to his followers, ‘Go and make disciples of all nations . . . .’ Matthew 28 v.19

Therefore, we are involved in a number of mission activities both here and abroad.

Mission Partners

Through prayer and finance, we support a number of people who have responded to God’s call to ‘go’ and who are often living in difficult circumstances both physically and financially.

We also encourage interest in world mission in general through visits from other missionaries and organisations and we count it a privilege to advise and encourage anyone who feels God is calling them to ‘go’, whether short or long term

The World Mission Group endeavours to keep in contact with all these workers around the world and to share their news with the church. They, in turn, involve us in their mission and give us a bigger picture of what it means to be ‘church’.